Top 5 Best Camping Saw Review 2020

There appears to be this misconception when traversing the fantastic outdoors seeking wood for a campfire. We will help you to find out the best camping saw.

Top 5 Best Camping Saw Review 2020

It’s a no brainer for every camper to bring their essential camping tools during a trip. Bringing your camping gear is one thing, but owning high-quality equipment such as a camping saw is a whole new ballgame. In this article, we have gathered some of the best camping saws of 2020 that will surely be essential in your camping adventures.

1) Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

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as of August 24, 2020 8:30 am

With a 7-1/2 -inch blade, 7 teeth per inch, the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is the best for cutting plastic, bone, and even dry wood. The blade is coated with a special rust protection that keeps your saw retain its high-quality look and maintains low friction. Never fear when cutting wood for the campfire as the saw has a two-component plastic handle that retains the user’s grip plus a leather strap for utmost security while you are on the move.

2) Gerber Freescape Camp Saw

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as of August 24, 2020 8:30 am

Compact and sturdy, this camp saw does not require so much space in your backpack. And you do not even have to waste your time reassembling the saw for use since it folds down flat for easy carry. This innovative design uses 4 pivot points to effectively cut through larger pieces of wood. Replacements for the saw is very easy as it accepts any standard 12 inch saw blade available. Very sturdy and very convenient for your camping needs.

3) Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Campsite Saw

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as of August 24, 2020 8:30 am

Sometimes precision and speed are some of the things that backpackers and campers need when going on their outdoor activities. This is the closest you have to achieving those things as the Corona Razortooth Folding Saw is nothing but precision and speed. Sporting a 10 inch blade ideal for cutting small to medium pieces of wood and 6 teeth per inch and curved design that ensures faster cutting compared to average camping saws in the market today. Plus it would not hurt for this saw to be made with high-quality material that guarantees long lasting function for years to come.

4) Kershaw Buck Commander Folding Saw

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as of August 24, 2020 8:30 am

This is one tough little folding saw at your disposal. Whether you use it on the field or virtually anywhere that needs a quick cutting, this folding saw is sturdy and ensures quality. Do not be fooled by the stout 2.5 inch blade as it is made of high-quality craftsmanship. Added with a glass-filled nylon handle making sure you it perfectly stays on your hands as you work around the campsite.

5) Zippo AxeSaw

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as of August 24, 2020 8:30 am

The Zippo Axesaw, at first glance, means nothing but serious business for the serious camper. With a 15″ hardened stainless steel saw blade ensuring sturdiness for heavy usage. The saw handle efficiently doubles as its safety sheath that enables you to leave more room for your backpack as you pack your camping essentials. The handle is made with a durable polymer material that enables you to keep the saw from slipping away and a self-adjusting tension compensation for easy use when cutting.


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